Home depot was hired to install their flooring Allure Vinyl by Trafficmaster, Made by Halstead.

We did our whole brand new home in this floor 1400 sq ft, It is a total disaster.

They Botched it, All Over the place there are Gaps in the seams.. They did not follow the proper grout lines, you have fat & skinny ones, The product was not rolled properly & they did not alline the tiles to the walls by measuring, We even had the manufacturer send out a private inspector , whom says it was a totally botched job.... It's UGLY, Home Depot of Rochester New Hamshire Hired ACS services to install our floor, They in turn Hired Ricks Carpet Scarborough Maine to Install.. They Did not get the seems tight & blame the floor mfg (allure) but Allure Blames the Installers, All in All We got Shafted for sure...,

We should not have to pay for the flooring or the install as now, it would all have to be replaced.. I have been appealling to Home depot for a proper remedy, and months later we still are not there.. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME & PRODUCT & MONEY..If only they would have cared & took their time to do it right... WOW so disappointed !!! Look for my videos on you tube.. Key words Search for "Allure Flooring Job BOTCHED By Home Depot" or "MrKasprr"

Home Depot & American Carpet Services & Ricks Carpet Should all be ASHAMED !!!!

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Evansville, Indiana, United States #865353

That is how all the Allure goes together. I installed for crew2.

They Install for Home Depot. Allure will not go together no matter what you do. When Allure was a new product I fought it and fought it trying to get it to align and butt up to the seams. I thought I accomplished it.

The next day when I came back to the job, it was gapped everywhere. I called HD told them it was not going together. Home Depot says install it. I said the customer will not be happy.

So we slap it and gap it. Knowing the customer is getting ripped of. I saw a lot of people getting ripped of with bad quality flooring. I didn't feel good about, but it was work everyday.

I refuse to install Allure because it is not worth buying. Home Depot keeps ripping customers off. That is why I opened my own Flooring Store.

All Floors Evansville IN.


Home Depot installed a high grade carpeting in my daughter house and not only did a horrible job, but left all the carpet, padding scrapes in on the garage floor. They didn't vacuum and the carpeting was coming up on the edges.

It was so lose the vacuum would suck the carpet up.

The hired CREW 1 to do the install. They are dishonest people.Lied about the mess they left, but we had pictures NEVER AGAIN WILL WE ENTER A HOME DEPOT.

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