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I purchased a washer and dryer in October. I came in to by the items due to a promotional letter I received that stated I could have the interest deferred with an amount over $1000.

I made it a point to the clerk at the Home Depot in Naples on Airport Road that I wanted the deferred interest. Instead he gave a 10% discount however that is not what I wanted and I had stated that to him. I was worried about getting my washer to my home on a reasonable delivery date and did not pay attention to the final receipt, but I stated at least 3 times that I wanted the deferred interest. The clerk did not comply with the customer's request.

the discount he gave was approximately $120.

When looking at my December bill I am being charged just under $18 interest. That means in 7 short months the interest payment would exceed the discount. I was adamant that I wanted the deferred interest to the sales associate. He also kept the promotional letter stated he needed the letter for the final paperwork.

I just caught the interest charge on this month's bill.

I made my monthly payment but called and talked to an Amy on Team 5118. she stated that due to the 10% discount that there was nothing that she could do. I stated to her that I didn't care if the 10% discount amount was put back on my account, that I wanted the deferred interest. She stated that there was nothing she could do ...

"this is no way at this point to do that". I told her to look at my account history, my charges are always with a deferred interest. I make a point of it in my purchases. I stated to her I have been a long time, over 20 years, a loyal customer that the this needed to be amended.

Amy stated that she couldn't help with this at this point. I then stated to that if that is the case Home Depot would not be a store that I would continue to visit, although it is my favorite of all the stores. I stated to Amy that other stores are more local to me, but I make the 20 mile track, across town to the Home Depot, in Florida "snowbird" traffic. I am highly disappointed that Amy did not make more of a consideration in the matter.

She did not extend the courtesy of asking a manger or trying to make some sort of consideration. I am also disappointed in the store clerks' effort to properly perform the simple duty requested of him, which is sadly his whole point of being a store "associate".

I get these promotional letters all the time. Now I know they are just a joke, as the clerks do what they want with it, or maybe the clerk doesn't know how to run the register to perform this for the customer. In any event , I've been bamboozled and this feeling is raw, as I truly love Home Depot and visit the Naples store often in my flipping endeavors.

I know where everything is and visit 2 to 3 times a week. I have been loyal to the brand, but I can see that it is only a one way relationship.

At this point, Home Depot has lost a customer, and I will pay my bill in full and close my credit card accounts. I don't need to feel like a pawn in this situation.

If you need any more information concerning this issue I can be reached at 239.331.1169 and my name is Pearl Hernandez.

Product or Service Mentioned: Home Depot Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Consideration.

Home Depot Cons: Incompetence.

Location: 1651 Airport Rd S, Naples, FL 34112

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