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Update by user Jan 08, 2019

Behr Paints personally called me, apologized, and sent my check within 3 days! The woman from Behr Paints was very kind.

Update by user Jan 08, 2019

Behr Paints has issued my refund of $60.00 and apologized for their error. I have contacted the California Attorney General Consumer Complaints Division and the BBB letting them know there has been a resolution.The woman was very kind from Behr Paints.

She stated it was Internal disorganization on the department that handles the rebates. But, this has been resolved.

Just wish I didn't have to put such negativity out there. Kind regards.

Original review posted by user Nov 30, 2018

July 7&8, 2018 bought 6 gallons of very expensive BEHR metallic paint, persuaded by the Home Depot Painting rep, to buy BEHR because of the great rebate program. Was expecting $60.00 within 6-8 weeks.

July 9, 2018: Filled online rebate form.

July 9, 2018: Mailed originals to ensure they received.

Waited 2 months: No $60.00.

Mid September 2018 wrote a letter to BEHR paint asking where my rebate check was? NO RESPONSE

Mid October 2018 called Home Depot asking if this rebate scam has happened in the past, 'not to my knowledge" I was told with a "very sorry this happened to you."

November 30, 2018 I am sending out a complaint to the Texas Attorney General Consumer Complaints Dept., explaining the unfair business practices executed by BEHR paint where the company does not care they make promises they intend not to keep. I will also file a complaint with the BBB cc'ing Home Depot and BEHR paint Corporate HDQs.

I can not hold Home Depot Accountable for promoting BEHR paints for I do not believe they are aware that BEHR paint is dishonest.

DO NOT BUY BEHR PAINTS they are an unethical company. Nothing like trusting a company only to be made a fool of.

Product or Service Mentioned: Home Depot Rebate.

Reason of review: Rebate Scam BEHR Paints.

Monetary Loss: $60.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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that's a lot of trouble for 60$. I buy thousands in behr with no issue.

I wouldn't hesitate to buy more.

Maybe ditch the coffee and relax a bit. wow.


They probably never would have given you the rebate if you hadn't threatened to turn them in to the Attorney General. They should have compensated you for all of your wasted time and for p.i.s.s.i.n.g. you off in the first place.


Same problem. Never got my rebate, even though they say they mailed it. They won’t send another, if in fact they mailed the first one.


Hey, I had the same issue. Did you have an apartment number in your address?

I think the Home Depot Rebate electronic form was bad and omitted the "Address 2" field, which is where my apartment number was listed. For example, if your address is "123 Example Street, Apt A1", it displayed it as "123 Example Street," with a floating comma at the end. Home Depot farms out the fulfillment to another company, but since that company didn't have the full address, you didn't receive your card. USPS either rejected it (and we weren't notified) or someone in my building stole it when the postal worker didn't know which mailbox to put it in.

When I emailed Home Depot's Rebates customer service, they replied with, "Since you have not received it, please contact the Prepaid Card Department at (888) 371 2109 for further assistance. Press option 1, then the pound sign (#) three times, and then 1 to be transferred to a representative." The CSR I spoke to said that he gets a few calls a week about this issue. He was able to adjust the address and sent a new card out to me.

Good luck! Hope this works for you.


I've never had a problem with a Behr rebate. Seems like there are always a few people that will have problems with anything in life. Just because you somehow didn't get yours doesn't mean it's a scam.


For record, I have two college degrees, complain very little and embrace life to the fullest ! To write online is truly time consuming and wasteful to me.

Every minute matters in my life ! But when Behr paint did not honor their rebate and I saw that I am not the only one that this company did this to, I find it necessary to let others know. No one wants to feel taken advantage of. It’s principle, it’s ethics and if everyone practiced correctness and honesty we wouldn’t be having this conversation!

And you, like other people in life will engage in situations that will drive you to do the right thing and express concern and let people know to avoid companies that do not oblige. An unfair situation will come to you and you will then be in your own category under “ just a few people with problems” I have no problems and live a peaceful life ! Behr paint created this problem And i am a reaction to it .. a person that once had no problems but was faced with an unethical situation caused by another !

And I’m to blame for speaking out so others don’t get hurt ? Absolutely,I will speak my mind ! Behr paint didnt even have the courtesy to write back with an explaination.

Do you like to be made a fool of ? I’m very sorry if you know someone who works there or perhaps you work there, but put your emotions aside, be logical for this is poor business practices and people should be aware before they buy such expensive paint with false promises!


It doesn't even take one college degree to know that everything in life isn't perfect. With thousands of rebates being submitted there are multiple places that problems can arise.

The person submitting the rebate may enter information incorrectly, forgot postage on an envelope, the postal service may have lost it as they handle it once or twice depending on method of submission, someone entering data at the rebate center may have made a mistake and the list goes on. Have you ever made a mistake in your life? Would your actions be fraudulent if you had? Why would any company offer a rebate with the intention of not honoring it?

Rebates are there to get customers to use their products. If they are happy with the product they will purchase more in the future.

Do you think not honoring rebates will bring customers back? Does having 2 college degrees create such a perfect person who never makes an error and can't accept fact that the world isn't as perfect as they are?




I haven't got my rebate. Bought 4 gallons. Never received rebate.


True - It may not necessarilly be a scam simply because this person didnt get their card. However, it does not mean it isnt a scam simply because you got yours.

Why are you assuming this person is " one of those few people who has problems with anything in life " ? Because you have never had one single problem with anything at all in your entire life because you are so damn perfect, right? People who have had a problem with something or any and everything are beneathe you, right? At least thats what your comment implies.

Glad you got yours.

Maybe you will have a problem with something in the future . If and when, simply remember you are just one of those few people who have a problem with everything in life.

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