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I have used the Home Depot/Behr Paint rebate offer several times.I have also learned some things the "hard way".

In this case all the rules are on the rebate slip, and there are no surprises. If there is a question, you can call the toll free number listed on the rebate slip. We live in Melbourne, Fl. and find the employees in the paint dept.

to be pleasant and knowledgeable. I think alot of people find sending in for rebates is a nuisance and don't want to bother.

In this case, it's well worth it and the paint is great, too!

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Delton, Michigan, United States #1193236

I also found the process lengthy and did not realize that even though I had mailed all the necessary documents to Home Depot when I checked on the process, I found that all the data was there but it had not be "submitted". I liked the stain and the rebate helped on my big project but there are a lot of "hoops" to jump through and persistance is necessary if you really want the rebate.

Lakeland, Florida, United States #1017378

I used the rebate and never got it. Home depot just sends you to behr. Its fraud.

Cortland, New York, United States #841309

I have done many rebates in different stores for their online purchases they require for behr mail in.Did what they asked and it still came back.

Like behr paint but don't expect a rebate. They are not clear even when they send it back saying you missing things because they list everything. Even a store receipt when bought online. Before I sent the rebate in the customer chat home-depot representative insisted that could not find the rebate I was looking for and there was only one for the store.

I found it while on the phone with the individual and they agreed it was for online and the right rebate for me. Still came back. Never or less Home depot/behr should be ashamed of their system. Further you only have a month to get your rebate in and some times less than that depending on your purchase and the rebate time frame.

Staples is great with rebates learn from them please.Other mailing rebates otc meds, alcohol, and computer software no problems.


got paint and assorted related products, did the behr rebate thing, when the project was done did the paperwork thing and was two days late to get my rebate.i do the paper work after the project.

by by rebate, by by behr by by home depot even if you got me cause i need stuff and you are close.

lowes isnt that much further.i dont do paper work till the project is done!


Yes, READ the instructions.Home Depot is not trying to screw anyone out of money.

I know this because I work for the company and more often than not, YOU customers screw us time and time again...I could go on for hours about the scams you people pull, and we smile and put up with it, because we provide great customer service. As for the paint rebate, the reason we don't offer the discount at the register is so that HD isn't taking the markdown for the sale, Behr does. What that means in simple laymans turns, is the money YOU get back comes out of BEHR's pockets.

Not ours.Behr is a HD propietary brand, but still their own company.


do away with rebates what`s the point? just give a sale price at the time of purchase




just got a card in the ,ail that said i didnt fill out the stuff properly and to resubmit.i KNOW i did it right, it's not that complicated.

but now i cant find the *** receipt. so i get screwed. the moral is dont buy Behr pain soley cause of a rebate. then it's no big deal if they play you.

the paint I used looks great and yeah, i'm pissed but it is what it is.i do feel scammed though


:( A rip off!!! More trouble than it's worth. always a excuse!!


I have always been told that I did not send correct Receipt or bar code.I am sick of the rebate program.

It seems to be a pattern ro me. Three times so far.

I always make copies of everything and offer to send it to them.They agree to make a exception ar that point.

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