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Contacted by the actual store manager resolved completely.

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We went to Home Depot to order a window. Our installer assured us that if we told the "experts" in the window department what we needed we would be able to order the window. We went to the pro desk at Home Depot and told the "expert" we needed a basement egress window that was being installed into concrete. We said we preferred Anderson and the most efficient. $800 later we ordered a window trusting that when we told him we were installing a basement egress window he was ordering us the correct window. He put a nice red stamp on it that we initialed stating there were no returns. We signed it trusting that he sold us the correct window.

We told our installer it was a crank out which he didn't like but our contractor cut our roof to make it work. When our installer went to install the window he discovered that it was not a window to be installed in concrete and it wasn't egress compliant which is a major safety issue! If we had tried to make this expensive window work we could have died if there was ever a fire and we couldn't get out the window.

We went back to Home Depot and Mike at the pro desk recognized immediately that it was not egress compliant and we could not install that window. When we tried to talk to the manager Joel all he would do is point at the little red stamp we initialed and said we signed off on it. We signed off on it based on trusting their experts to order the correct window!!! We are not contractors or experts in window installation. I explained to Joel that we now had a very expensive window at the very beginning of our remodel that we couldn't use. He just said we couldn't return it but he did finally say that he would speak to his employee and his manager and call me back within a week. A week later he didn't even have the courtesy to call me but had Mike call me and said they would give me credit towards a new window. A small credit and I still have an $800 window I can't use and had to order the correct window from another company because I have a huge hole in my basement with no window. Joel didn't even have the customer service skills to call me himself and maybe offer an apology for his expert selling us the wrong window and all the inconvenience and extra cost this has caused.

I tried to contact their corporate customer service and they just referred me back to Joel who is part of my problem at this point.

Sad that Home Depot would lose so much business due to lack of competent employees and such terrible customer service. I would think that maybe selling me a incorrect product that was actually a danger to my life would warrant at least an apology. Wow. I guess the rest of my remodel will be done with Lowes and Menards or a local company.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: A credit for at least what the new window I had to order cost or a full refund..

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I have a few problems with your story. First of all, if you were working with a contractor worth their salt they would have ordered the window and made sure it was what was needed.

A contractor would never expect the customer to be able to verify what they were ordering was correct. Another problem with your story is that you say you were ordering an egress window for your basement that was going to be installed in concrete. In the next paragraph you say that he didn't like the fact that you ordered a crank out window but cut your roof to make it work.

Why would he have to cut your roof to install a basement window? Sounds like your complaint should be with the contractor you chose rather than Home Depot.

to Anonymous #1566310

Another issue is that their contractor told them to go to the "window" department.The "window" department is millwork not the pro desk. They could even follow basic instructions let a lot order a expensive window.

to Anonymous #1567384

I indicated I had an installer. Someone helping us install the window.

Separate from my contractor who had nothing to do with this portion of our project. This store bills itself as a place where experts help you get it done yourself. I would expect when a customer specifically states they need a basement egress window they would sell them a window that is egress compliant.

And a more knowledgeable employee immediately recognized that he window could not be installed as an egress window. The store should acknowledge their “expert” made a mistake.

to TranquilLemming #1568274

you should also acknowledge that your story has holes in. just as the first posted noted you first say you wanted the egress window in the basement installed in concrete but that your contractor didn't like that it was a crank out style so he cut *** in your roof? um why would they cut into your roof to have ANYTHING to do with a basement installed window?

to notgivingit #1568314

Thanks for your input. If you read.

entire the entire account the main point is that we asked for an egress window for our basement and that is not what we were sold. Since we are not window experts and went somewhere that advertises that they do have experts we would not have realized that.

The point of why we went there?! And the cut in the roof was due to the fact we have an A-Frame house with a walk out.

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