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Update by user Oct 11, 2017

People need to call the Attorney General in Atlanta Georgia and complain. Call your own as well and file a law suit if you can.

Original review posted by user Oct 10, 2017

I sent a letter and provided documents to The Attorney General, Consumer Protection Unit of the Georgia Department of Law.Instead of doing any investigation on Home Depots Price Match Guarantee, they forwarded it to a Ms.

Jacqueline Knox, Resolution Specialist, for Home Depot, Legal Operations-C-20, 2455 Paces Ferry Rd SE, Atlanta Georgia 30339-1834. (note, no phone number was provided) I now see the Attorney Generals Office Consumer Protection Unit is there to protect The Large Corporations like Home Depot who pays more taxes, employs more and may be making under the table contributions to some important people within this office. There is no doubt Home Depot is committing fraud and false advertising about matching any competitors price and giving an additional 10%. I found just by calling Home Depot that in my area, they will tell me they only match Lowe's.

Other areas of the US they may only match one or two others. The meaning for a competitor is anyone who will sell the same item to the general public is a competitor, not who they choose. I was buying Rebar for concrete and found a place who sells the same item on a daily basis to anyone who walks in. They have a brick and mortar location, several and advertise on Craigs list and Ebay so the public knows they can buy there retail like anyone, but Home Depots Attorney: Paul J.

Kaplan Assistant General Counsel Commercial Litigation, Home Services, Store Ops, and Pro The Home Depot 2455 Paces Ferry Road NW, Bldg. C-20 Atlanta, GA 30339-4024 TEL: (770) 384-3078 FAX: (770) 384-3655 paul_j_kaplan@homedepot.com His answer is: Professional Engineering Sales is not a retailer; they're a building supply yard and rebar fabricator catering, by their own description, to concrete contractors. As such, they're not subject to The Home Depot's price match policy. I told Mr Kaplan they can fabricate rebar, meaning they can have it bent for you if needed, but Home Depot does the same for windows doors etc.

Home Depot is also a building Supply and do give Contractors a discount and quantity discounts, but if they advertise on Craigs List as well as Ebay, they do not only cater to Concrete Contractors, they sell to anyone like Home Crap O does. Mr Kaplan told me he is not going to do anything but if I wish to pursue this in a Court Forum, that is fine. He knows most cant afford to do this and even if they do and win, they have not won anything. I am sure if it went to court, they would hire outside attorneys.

He has a good job making a good salary, but if he was in private practice, he would be the loser he really is.

Bottom line is when Home Depot first started, they would match anyone, but that has all changed because they put most out of business.This is a job for the Attorney Generals Office in Georgia where Home Depots Corporate office is located, but they do not seem to want to make Home Depot mad or they may lose there Christmas bonus!

Review about: Home Depot Advertisement.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

I liked: Staff used to be more knowledgable than now.

I didn't like: Price match policy is fraud never any help in isles or loading, Do not price match all retailers, Only who they choose, In my area, Are say they only price match lowes.


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If you read the fine print, they have the right to refuse to price match any item from any "retailer" if they would be selling that item below their store cost.Also, the bottom line law is that ANY retailer has the right to change ANY selling price at any time, and that they also have the right to refuse ANY sale to ANY person for ANY reason.

That is a legal protection given to ALL retailers to protect them from people they feel may be trying to steal or otherwise trick them.

That is why your state attorney general CAN'T actually do anything!They did you a favor by forwarding your "case" directly to Home Depot's corporate office.


Seems like the smart thing to do would be to go buy what you need at the place you found on Craigs list, if in fact they will actually sell to you.You seem to be waisting a lot of time with multiple posts about this.

Having worked at another big box home center I know their policies are similar. They price match legitimate retail competitors, not wholesalers or clubs where you pay a membership fee to shop there. Get over it.

If you find a better price elsewhere, go there.Most people who complain like this to get a discount are doing so because they weren't able to get the price at the other place and are just trying to get someone to match a fake price.

to Anonymous #1378489

I called them as anyone can and they gave me the same price as they advertise on CL.No doubt you are not an attorney, but common sense should tell you it is false advertising.

If it were a warranty like many complaints with them are, you have the The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. If enough people wrote the attorney general or FTC, than they would investigate but most just accept what stores tell them. If what you are saying is if they do not want to sell someone, they do not have to, which is true in part, but if it is a bate & switch situation, they would not get away with that. I did file suit against a mattress store for false advertising and won as well as sued many corporations larger than Home Depot and won.

Actually never lost one yet.

Their guarantee states their price matching policy but it is extremely vague in many ways and under contract law it would go against the writer.

You don't make statements and than not back them up !

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