The morning of Sunday, 7Feb21, my wife and I purchased a dishwasher with installation, 2 propane tank to grill adapter hoses, and a vinyl outlet cover (totaling over $1045) from the nearest (Saddlerock) Home Depot, 6000 S. Gun Club Rd., Aurora, CO 80016.

While entering the store, both my wife and I noticed the trash can near the main entrance overly stuffed with garbage and rubbish falling onto the walkway and blowing around the sliding doors.

Upon paying for our purchase, we exited through another set of front sliding doors and noticed a similarly disgusting trash issue.

As as military officer and a business owner, I called the store at 720-870-**** yo voice my concerns, and was transferred to the manager, Tony.

Rather than saying that hed promptly address the issue or even thanking me for bringing it to managements attention, Tony made excuses that the stores contracted cleaners hadnt arrived yet and would get to it later.

I pointed out to him that my wife and I previously had owned hot dog/brat carts and had contracted with both the Greeley and the Arapahoe/Boston Home Depot stores in 2009-**** and the same type of trash problems were prevalent near main entrances, in the vicinity of food sales from our carts.

It seems to me that Home Depot management has a cultural problem!

I will take my business to Lowes (or anybody besides Home Depot) for my construction needs from now on. Your apathy is driving business away.

Your management may contact me at (303) 868-****, if they care.

Sincerely, Scott

User's recommendation: Find a different hardware store where the management cares enough to address serious issues.

Preferred solution: Change in culture - give credence to legitimate customer complaint .

Home Depot Cons: Lousy management.

Location: 6000 South Gun Club Road, Aurora, CO 80016

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What does your being a military officer have to do with your complaint?


All of us at Home Depot are Republicans. Our stores do not support the Democratic Party.


Being a military officer means that I have a right to order people around.


Why is it necessary for you to post that you are a military officer and a business owner?

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