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called for one week and still unable to get warranty work done as none of the servicing providers would return any calls or schedule an appointment. LG was given 2 appointments and the service tech never showed up also never received a call from service company either. don't waste your money on the home depot warranty protection plan.

User's recommendation: BUYER BEWARE!!don't buy from home depot and don't buy service protection.

Product or Service Mentioned: Home Depot Refrigerator Repair.

Monetary Loss: $2500.


Home Depot Cons: Everything from customer service to never getting repair service.

Location: 6315 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD 21224

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Too many hypocrites in the Military Hwy location of Home Depot. Carter.


I would never by a service plan from a retail store. If you want one purchase it from the manufacturer or your local utility company if they offer them.

Having worked for a big box store selling appliances I know the administrators of these service plans look for the lowest priced service shops to service appliances covered by their plans. If they can't find a shop to do the work for as little as they want to pay they just don't provide service in that area. Yes, this is something they admitted to in training sessions but you don't see anything about that in their sales literature. Smaller towns are especially hard hit.

This really comes into play when people in these smaller towns come to the bigger metropolitan areas and make a purchase there to save money over what they would pay for an appliance locally. Only when they need the service do they find out service isn't available in their area or the service company only gets to their town twice a month.

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