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Recently, all the Tv business channels have harped about the 70,000 new jobs being created at the Home Depot stores across the USA. The whole thing is a scam and a charade.

Most of these jobs are seasonal and part time with less than 30 hours a week and with pay averaging about $8.35 per hour. The jobs will only last for 120 days and there is less than a 50% chance of any of these jobs becoming full time.

These jobs are replacing full time workers so the company does not have to pay any benefits. When the 120 days are fullfilled then the part time workers will be let go and Home Depot again will start the whole process over again.

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First of all, do you know that every person hired, temporary or not, goes through orientation and training totaling around $3000 per associate? Do you REALLY think that if this company didn't want to keep someone with potential of hiring on permanently that they would invest that much money in you right off the bat?

Did you know that EVERY seasonal associate has the ability to be hired on permanently given they have proved that they are dependable and hard working? If every person during busy seasons was hired on permanently then during slow times of the year those associates would be cut way back on hours, say 8 hrs per month, due to the abundance of associates yet lower sales. Oh and in case you didn't think about this (which doesn't sound like you did) seasonal work is great for those who are looking for work during times when they need a little extra income but don't want to commit to a job long term i.e. students during summers off from college, holiday times, etc.

Those that aren't permanent are always rehirable (unless they basically sucked) and often come back year after year to get some extra money for a few months out of the year. The ones that complain about this are the ones that didn't make the cut!!


What are you complaining about? The jobs aren't as good as you want?

At least they are offering jobs with a chance to become a regular associate (provided you meet the standard). If you don't, then you don't deserve to keep the job anyway.

Companies like HD help to improve the economy and promote job growth. Why don't you go apply instead of casting stones because it isn't the free gravy train you're looking for.


Home Depot loves to spin numbers. Those announced hires are temporary, seasonal and/or part-time. A fraction will wind up with a usable fulltime job. Some might even get what they want in the way of hours and pay. But for most it will be dead a end.

But the ever image conscience Home Depot seems to get the headlines they want. Home Depot to Hire, as long as they get the word HIRE in they are happy.

They also like to manipulate their sales numbers. Read their next report very carefully. One trick Home Depot likes to do is when you have an item to exhange with a receipt and associated information is they make you return the old item then buy what ever you want with a new giftcard. When you buy what ever you need on a gift card it counts as a new sale for Home Depot. They are actually taking old sale dollars and having you respend them. This also counts as a seperate transaction, Home Depot likes to track transactions and will note increases in transaction volume on an annual or quarterly report to impress their stockholders.

Be very aware in your dealings with Home Depot as a customer, employee or stockholder.


Part time is still a job. Wages don't matter, it's still a job. Get off your butt and go to work.

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