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Hi, we purchased a matching, Electrolux washer/dryer set from the Home Depot back in August 2019. We also purchased the matching pedestals for the set.

We spent about $2800 for the washer, dryer and two pedestals. On May 27, 2020, our dryer stopped working. The dryer is covered under the one year manufacturerwarranty by Electrolux and we were informed by Home Depot that we needed to contact Electrolux for the warranty issues. Home Depot would not do anything to help.

We had a technician come to the house on June 2 to diagnose the problem and he stated it was a bad motherboard. He had to order the parts and said it would be about another week before he could install it. He came back out to the house on June 8 to install the motherboard. He put the dryer back together,but it did not work.

He took the dryer apart and learned that he forgot to plug something in internally. He put it back together, it still didnt work. He took it apart again said it was a bad thermal fuse. He had to leave for about an hour; when he returned and installed the new thermal fuse, the dryer still did not work.

The technician tested the thermal fuse he took out of the dryer and stated the old fuse was actually fine. The technician then called another technician or Technical Support to figure out what was wrong. He came back took the dryer apart, tested the motor and determined the motor was bad. He stated this was his fault for not figuring it out on his initial call because he tested the wrong leads.

He again had to order the part and it would be about another week before he could install it. A different technician came out to the house, installed the motor, put the dryer back together and it still did not work.

The assistant store manager (Kate) from Parker Home Depot told my wife that after the third attempt to fix the dryer, and the fix did not work, Home Depot would replace the dryer. Immediately following the service technician putting our dryer back together, he did no further testing on the unit and left. I immediately contacted the Manager at the Parker Home Depot and advised them of this information.

The Manager said they would not replace the dryer and said it was an issue we would have to take up with Electrolux. Kate had also told my wife that we could get a loaner dryer from Home Depot, but we would have to pick it up, install and return it. I then spoke with a different manager on-duty (Frank) who stated we could get a loaner dryer, Home Depot would deliver it, but would not bring it into the house. I then spoke with another manager on-duty (Jeremy) who stated Home Depot would not deliver AND they would not provide a loaner dryer.

I then requested to speak with the Store Manager. I received a call from Kyle. I explained my frustration with being told different things by different managers. Kyle said he would address this issue, but was not able to help us.

My wife then called Kyle requesting to speak with his boss, the District Manager. Kyle refused to provide any information for the District Manager, would not provide his (Kyles) last name and hung up the phone on my wife. I was able to file a complaint on the store and Kyle after a lengthy process. I was informed the complaint was forwarded to Neri Williams (Case #1933****).

I have not received any correspondence from Neri.

I contacted the corporate supervisor for Electrolux Customer Service, April Edwards, and left a voicemail advising her of the third failed attempt to fix the dryer. I provided my name and my phone number and requested a call back. For the next six days I called her every day leaving a total of nine messages for April. April did not call me back, and to date July 9, 2020, April has still not called me back.

I did leave one message for April on July 8, 2020 and two messages for April on July 9, 2020.

I requested dispute resolution through Home Depot customer care as I had purchased the set with my Home Depot credit card. I received a response from the credit company stating they would not be assisting me in anyway as the product is under warranty. There is no dispute as to the product Being under warranty, the dispute is being without our dryer for two months now.

So on July 8, 2020, a dryer was delivered to my house, however, it was a gas dryer with a large dent in the side and my dryer is electric. I do not have any gas hook ups.

I immediately called the assistant store manager (Kate) at the Parker Home Depot as she had requested that I do so when the dryer arrived. The ASM from the Parker Home Depot ended up calling and speaking with someone from Electrolux and she relayed to me that Electrolux did not have my dryer in stock so they sent a gas dryer as a replacement instead. The delivery of the incorrect dryer was 21 days after the last service call. It is unknown how long it will be until we get a replacement dryer.

The ASM at the Parker Home Depot stated Electrolux would send us a different dryer however it would not match the current dryer that we have and it is unknown if it would work with the pedestals that we bought for the matching set. The ASM for the Parker Home Depot stated she would be into work after noon on July 9, 2020 and give me a call with updated information. I called the Parker Home Depot five different times and was on hold anywhere from 5 minutes to 15 minutes, was hung up on and finally was able to speak with an associate who advised me the ASM was unavailable and took my information. As of me writing this at 6:15 PM on Thursday, July 9, 2020 and I was without any answers, without any assistance from Home Depot, and without any assistance from Electrolux.

I do work night shift from 9 PM until 7 AM and I have probably spent 20+ hours on the phone, on hold, trying to research the various supervisors from Home Depot and Electrolux and finally having to be awakened for the technicians and the delivery driver.

Just one phone call with Electrolux, I spent over two hours on the phone waiting to speak with April Edwards supervisor. The majority of this time was spent ON HOLD, with the customer service representative checking in periodically to let me know she was still waiting for a response from a supervisor. (She stated Electrolux requires her to do so). Both my wife and I have professional careers where we need to have clean and pressed clothing.

Throughout this ordeal we have had to hang our clothes from cabinet doors, door handles, appliance handles, over the couch, on the backs of chairs, laid out on the countertop and tables etc.

The only option we have been presented with is:

Electrolux said they will buy back the dryer. We are then left with a washer and dryer that are not the matching set that we purchased ($2800.00) and we have a $250 pedestal that is of no use to us!

User's recommendation: Don’t expect amy real heal with appliances that are “LEMONS”.

Monetary Loss: $2800.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Home Depot Cons: Horrible customer service, Multiple answers from multiple managers, Poor leadership, Only want your money.

Location: 11111 South Parker Road, Parker, CO 80134

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What I understand is this... if you are requesting the full refund they would have to pick up everything you purchased (dryer, washer, pedestal), correct?

What if I say, I can help you in this matter would you be willing to pay me a fee of 15%? I usually ask for half down, but I will trust that if I be successful you will send me the 15%. One more thing, if I can get the full refund on the dryer will that be acceptable, I understand that it does not match the washer and the reason I am asking is because the washer is not the problem and we have to weigh it fairly.

Remember, at the time of your purchase I understand there were no problem with it. I can lead you to my site you can read to examples of many problems I solved, most which I did at no charge, but encourage me to do it for a fee.

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