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I live 60 miles from the nearest Home Depot. After driving 1 hour and standing around in the carpet department for over 70 minutes! As well as having the carpet department paged 4 times! I wandered around the store until I found a Home Depot employee and asked for HELP!!!! I tried to explain that all I needed was some carpet cut, I had already picked it out and just needed 28 feet off a 8 foot wide roll. The employee looked at me and said he was... Read more

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Trying to cut wood - took workers 30 minutes when we asked 2 people. Register took forever because cashier did not know how to work it. First time experience - bought two small pieces of wood and took one hour getting help and checking out. Read more

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Don't fall pray to the LIFE TIME WARRANTY on any roof replacement from Home Depot. Let me enlighten you, First of all the warranty is only covers any defect of the product. So to be clear if the shingle is deemed or found to be defective... then Home Depot will have the roof replaced under this so called LIFE TIME WARRANTY. FACT: Direct from the product manufacture that Home Depot buys the shingles from... OUR FAILURE RATE IS LESS THAN 1%.... Read more

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I was at the Home Depot store in Laurel, MD. I was returning 3 items on 2 different receipts. I gave the cashier all the items and receipts but she kept scanning the one receipt that did not have the 2 items on there. She kept arguing that the receipt was the wrong one and the items are not on there. Of course it's the wrong one, she didn't scan the right receipt. I had to repeatedly point out that I gave her 2 receipts and even matched the UPC... Read more

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I bought Behr ppe paint which was covered on the 2016 memorial day sale--$40 rebate on a 5 gallon purchase. I bought it the day before the sale ended, and the gal that mixed the paint gave me the rebate form. I filled it out online as soon as I got home. A few weeks later it was denied because there was no valid purchase on the receipt. ???? I opened a chat--why is it invalid?--I can't answer that I don't have that info. What???? So I call... Read more

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My husband and I bought a *** eater on May 28, 2016 with a two year extended warranty. On Sunday, June 19, 2016 the *** eater locked up. We attempted to return it to Home Depot at 6800 W. Reno, OKC, OK on the same day. The clerk was very helpful, but could not get the transaction to complete. She called the assistant store manager, Crystal, who told us since the purchase was over 30 days old (by one day) nothing they could do. Sent to tool... Read more

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Bought a toro mower that went into the shop after every tank of gas for two years. Toro didn't honor warranty. They guarenty it will start on the first pull. When it doesn't, it must be bad gas. At least now I am into extended warranty. Sure 50 mile round trip to a little shop in the middle of the country side in the next state no where near a major highway! Although everything is covered, they will want a deposit in case it is something else???... Read more

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why is it you stock shelves and block the aisles during the times when customers are there? Which by the way, takes away from customer service. 5 times in the last month I was turned away because of this. my time is valvuable and went else where, 1 mile down the street to Lowes. this one customer put 1500.00 dollars to Lowes stockholders. Maybe this fact should be brought to home depo stockholders. 1500$ it seems would pay a few employees to... Read more

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They always ignore me. This time I was passed by FIVE times ! I have walked around and around the store trying to find the right aisle and no one notices me.

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The delivery window for my free delivery was sveral weeks out and was from 3pm to 7pm. It was confirmed the night before. I was told repeatedly i would receive a call a half hour before my delivery. Im a massage therapist and eork out of my home. Ibviously i couldnt book anyone for that time period. Id not get paid for bot working. I couldnt grocery shop or anything because they would be here a hslf hour after they called. They called at... Read more

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