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Home Depot - Military Discount? What military discount...

Company Home Depot
Product / Service Military Discount
Category Home Construction and Repair
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Monetary Loss

Let me start by saying as a Veteran I am happy that Home Depot offered a discount to Veterans.Also, I try to purchase everything I can from stores that honor veterans by offering discounts to us for our service to the country.

That being said, the Home Depot policy is implemented differently depending on which store and even which cashier helps you in that store. Earlier this month I started having issues getting the Military discount they advertise. Every time I have gone to Home Depot this month each cashier applies it differently if offered at all. It is frustrating because it is a waste of time not knowing whether I will get the discount or not until after I shop and wait in line.

Lowes gives the same discount without all of the uncertainty. Lowes has never refused the military discount for any reason. I visited a Home Depot today and the cashier was going to allow the discount. She had to call the manager to get authorization, this is new they never did this before.

He authorized it but when I tried to use a business credit card to pay she refused the discount, said it has to be a personal credit card. I never had this problem before either, I explained to her that this would cause me to go shop at Lowes to get the 10% discount. She relayed this to the Manager and they said no, knowing they were going to lose my business. She claimed that the 10% discount is only supposed to be used to benefit the veteran and if I am using the discount as a business or contractor the discount is invalid and they won't honor it.

I explained to her that I do not own a business anymore and when I did it was a photography studio. We keep the business card for the interest rate and benefits are better than a personal card. Nothing I said mattered, I was not getting the discount anymore. The manager would not take time to talk to me so I could get the details as to why the discount is being implemented differently than before as well as what difference it makes what card I use.

I left the Livonia Middlebelt store and drove to the Canton Ford Rd. store and asked to speak to a manager at the customer service desk. She wanted to know what I needed a manager for and when I told her she said she would handle it that we didn't need a manager. She pulled out a policy on a single sheet of paper concerning the Veteran discount.

For the first time ever I learned that the discount is only offered to active duty, retired military, and service connected disabled veterans. Sorry if you served for 4, 8, 12 years and didn't get hurt, you don't count. They had pictures of the different id cards accepted to make you eligible for the discount, and only if you carry one of these cards. I showed her my VA benefits card that states Service Connected just like the picture on the policy and told her that I have been refused several times.

She said it is dependent on whether the cashier knows about the policy and how it works. This is where the inconsistency comes from, can you say training? Really? Then I asked why a business card makes a difference.

She replied that the discount is supposed to benefit the veteran only, not his business. Really? How does this not help the veteran being the owner of the company? This policy makes no sense and it appears they are making the discount restrictive and difficult to use.

She also stated that there are veterans abusing the policy and bringing their friends and family shopping in order to get them the discount. Again, while this may not be the right thing to do, this brought the business to Home Depot instead of Lowes. Is 10% worth getting business they may not have gotten to begin with? They made money in this scenario no matter how you look at it.

They may not have even gotten this business without the veteran bringing them in for the discount. The lady at the customer service desk also stated that they have contractors that are veterans using the discount to buy supplies for their jobs. Again, how doesn't this help the veteran? If I were a contractor, which I am not, I would lower my prices 10% to pass the savings on in order to win bids on new jobs.

Either way a veteran contractor is benefitting from the 10% discount no matter how you look at it. Again this makes no sense other than to try and make it restrictive and difficult. That is when she started complaining that she does not get a discount as an employee, it is obvious there is some animosity concerning the veterans getting a discount and not employees at the store. I did not waste my breath educating this woman who obviously is not a veteran on the sacrifices our military men and women make every day in order to provide her with the life style for which she enjoys.

I am a veteran with a service connected disability, I met all of their criteria yet several times in the last month I have had several frustrating encounters which ended by my having to drive to Lowes to get a discount as advertised. For the record, I am an engineer, I work for a corporation, and everything I buy at Home Depot is for my personal use on my own house. I never had these problems prior to a month ago.

I urge all Veterans to reconsider purchasing products from Home Depot, go to Lowes where they do what they say they will do with no headaches or wasted time.I also urge you to contact any manufacturers of products at Home Depot that do not supply Lowes and let them know you will be purchasing competitors’ products carried at Lowes because you are not shopping at Home Depot anymore because of the change in corporate policy at Home Depot regarding veterans. 2ffef5e

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Dec 31, 2013  from New York City, New York
lol, "serving our country", you got paid, no? , its a JOB YOU chose...no? Geez.
Reply to LookingforHandout

Dec 19, 2013  from Pittsboro, Indiana
Wow! This guy's complaint is probably longer than his entire military records! That's a lot of words just for some trivial non-incident.
Reply to Corbettfrash

Dec 18, 2013  from Washington, District Of Columbia
I have active military friends and they think people like you who come on here and complain about a 10% discount are a total disgrace to the military. You did not join the military for a 10% retail discount. You are the most entitled group that finds it's way to this website at least once a week on Home Depot, Menards or Lowes some entitled veteran complaining about a 10% discount.

There are many other hard working Americans that get no discounts. I will list a few because you don't get it at all; doctors, police officers, fireman, and teachers.

As far as the whole contractor/business card goes WOAH ARE YOU CLUELESS. Business credit cards can have more than one person on that account the actual owners may not be a veteran, however, you are giving him/her a great advantage a 10% DISCOUNT WOOOWHOO. It's totally unethical to try and charge it on a business card even more unethical that you still have it yet you don't have a business. That is considered a FREUD and your bank could take actions against you and your credit.

Menards(if you don't know them look them up) used to offer a 10% veterans discount but stopped because they realized how unfair it was to other hard working Americans.
Reply to Heartless

Dec 18, 2013 
Someone from WD.C. types freud instead of fraud. Oh, the irony
Reply to Sally

Jan 22 
My spell checker didn't catch that or switched it to that. If you don't have a spell checker on your web browser then you fail at the internet. Take a minute and think, I know it's hard but give it a try. Ever had a spell checker change a word to something you did not want it to be while you were typing quickly? I'm around 100 words per minute a typo will happen every now and then.
Reply to Heartless

Dec 19, 2013  from Ocoee, Florida
They are a total disgrace to the military. Most people I know are proud to serve their country. They don't do it to get discounts in stores. If they do it's fine, but they don't throw a fit if they don't get one.foc
Reply to Anonymous

Dec 18, 2013  from Westland, Michigan
1. Home depot does not list the policy on the web site.
2. they do not list it in the store.
3. employees are unaware, untrained, or spiteful.

If the rules regarding usage are not available to the person trying to use it how does he know he is breaking the rules? If the employees do not know the policy and apply it improperly how is that the customers fault. This is a serious customer issue that causes an inconvenience to a customer. Regardless of a discount the customer should never have to have issues caused by poor implementation / training. A discount is not a gift as someone said. It is a marketing strategy used for more than just veterans. The store may offer a discount but that does not make the user beholden to the store, the store is making a profit from that customer. It is a mutual exchange. Give us your business and we will give you a discount when you come here.
Reply to Steven

Dec 18, 2013 
I've been working retail for over 40 years and have never felt bad about loosing a customer like this. This guy thinks his sh*t doesn't stink and is entitled to what ever he wants. I guarantee you that Home Depot won't miss him.
Reply to retail veteran

Dec 18, 2013 
Read all the reviews about the poor customer service. If you are like home depot roads I wouldn't shop at your store either. HOME DEPOT SUCKS, They stay in business because the lack of competition.
Reply to mike

Dec 18, 2013  from Westland, Michigan
I have been in retail my whole life, I would never make negative comments about customers nor make statements that they will not be missed. Every customer is equally as important as the next regardless of their needs, attitudes, or impatience. If you re successful in retail it is because you treat the customer like he is your only one. Based on your comments you can't be a manager of a retail outlet. If you worked for me and ever acted differently than how I have described above I would fire you. The problem with retail business today is that employees and managers have forgotten how to treat customers. This is even more prevalent the larger the retail outlet is.
Reply to Stephen

Dec 18, 2013 
Your points are correct in a small low volume store. If you worked in a big box store like Home Depot you would understand exactly what I mean. There is always another customer around the corner ready to spend their money without all the hassles you get with this guy. In a big box store there usually are not enough employees to properly take care of every customer the way the should be cared for. In this case you are better off taking care of the customers that play by the stores rules rather than the rules they want to make up. That is the reality of Big Box retail. There isn't time to treat every customer like they are your only customer. This gentleman is better off shopping at ACE where they have a higher employee to customer ratio. Just expect to pay a little more for someone to spend time with you. That said he still may not be able to get everything he wants such as using a business account when he doesn't own a business.
Reply to Retail veteran

Dec 17, 2013  from Canton, Michigan
I read this review earlier today. I am a veteran and i have used the discount. I wanted to test this out. My wife is also a veteran. We both went in and paid for items in different lines. We both used are id cards. My wife had no issues at all and the lady was pleasent. My experience was different. When i showed the card she got an attitude and became rude throuout the checkout. She didnt say thank you or have a nice day. Something has definately changed. I spent a lot of money reovating my house and most of it was spent a Home depot. The primary reason was because of thee discount.
Reply to Bill K

Dec 17, 2013 
I had a hard time getting a discount at HD too. The woman claimed she never heard of a military discount. My friend wife worked there said some HD workers don't like not getting disc and mess with vets. That's wrong! More going on there than you realize. Your not the only vet disappointed and inconveninced.
Reply to Rick

Dec 17, 2013 
Mike bradey yu are a loser dude! Get a life man, you have nothing better to do with your time? It sounds like you feel inadequate and that's why you show much disrespect for real vets. You said you were a vet during peace time yet you are bullying a war vet. I have heard some *** stuff before but you take the prize.
Reply to Jerry

Dec 17, 2013 
You are jumping to the defense of someone you don't even know and even getting emotionally involved. For all you know the guy could be lying or any of a hundred other scenarios. Yeah, I'm the loser.
Reply to MikeBrady

Dec 16, 2013  from Chantilly, Virginia
I've never seen a veteran whine like that! Most of them are much tougher and don't have that entitled attitude. Make all of us veterans look bad.
Reply to MikeBrady

Dec 16, 2013 
No one is whining, merely giving a review. I don't have an entitled attitude, merely expressing my opinion. If you don't like my opinion that is your right, but don't try to suppress mine by calling me names. If you truly are a veteran than you should realize the importance of letting other veterans know that Home Depot has restrictions now that were not there before, and to let them know Lowes gives the same discount without all the restrictions.
Reply to photo-tom

Dec 16, 2013  from Chantilly, Virginia
And why is your opinion valid but not mine? Did you not notice the comments section? I am a veteran but because I served during peacetime and served only a short time, I don't take advantage of veteran's discounts. If I had your problem I would simply go to Lowes rather than make a big fuss. When I was in the service we were taught values like that. We were taught not to be entitled. We were taught how to make do when we didn't get everything we wanted. You are making a big stink over nothing. You had a business card. They don't accept them for veteran's discounts. Why should they believe you that you no longer have the business? You are not special. There are millions of veterans.
Reply to MikeBrady

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