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Behr Paint Rebates @ Home Depot

Company Home Depot
Product / Service Behr Paint
Location Palm Bay, Florida
Category Shopping
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I have used the Home Depot/Behr Paint rebate offer several times.I have also learned some things the "hard way".

In this case all the rules are on the rebate slip, and there are no surprises. If there is a question, you can call the toll free number listed on the rebate slip. We live in Melbourne, Fl. and find the employees in the paint dept.

to be pleasant and knowledgeable. I think alot of people find sending in for rebates is a nuisance and don't want to bother.

In this case, it's well worth it and the paint is great, too!

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Oct 09, 2012 
got paint and assorted related products, did the behr rebate thing, when the project was done did the paperwork thing and was two days late to get my rebate. i do the paper work after the project. by by rebate, by by behr by by home depot even if you got me cause i need stuff and you are close. lowes isnt that much further. i dont do paper work till the project is done!
Reply to steve

Jul 31, 2012 
Yes, READ the instructions. Home Depot is not trying to screw anyone out of money. I know this because I work for the company and more often than not, YOU customers screw us time and time again...I could go on for hours about the scams you people pull, and we smile and put up with it, because we provide great customer service. As for the paint rebate, the reason we don't offer the discount at the register is so that HD isn't taking the markdown for the sale, Behr does. What that means in simple laymans turns, is the money YOU get back comes out of BEHR's pockets. Not ours. Behr is a HD propietary brand, but still their own company.
Reply to BN

Jul 17, 2012 
do away with rebates what`s the point? just give a sale price at the time of purchase
Reply to punkin

Sep 26, 2011 
just got a card in the ,ail that said i didnt fill out the stuff properly and to resubmit. i KNOW i did it right, it's not that complicated. but now i cant find the *** receipt. so i get screwed. the moral is dont buy Behr pain soley cause of a rebate. then it's no big deal if they play you. the paint I used looks great and yeah, i'm pissed but it is what it is. i do feel scammed though
Reply to bob

Sep 05, 2011 
:( A rip off!!! More trouble than it's worth. always a excuse!!
Reply to Bill Arden

Sep 05, 2011 
I have always been told that I did not send correct Receipt or bar code. I am sick of the rebate program. It seems to be a pattern ro me. Three times so far. I always make copies of everything and offer to send it to them. They agree to make a exception ar that point.
Reply to Jack Burke

Sep 01, 2011 
You screwed me out of my rebate.

Behr paint never again.
Reply to John Gillette

Aug 17, 2011 
I find it entertaining about how many people don't do the rebates properly. The online function for the Behr Rebates is a phenomenal system. There may be flukes that happen from time to time, but make copies of receipts, and all purchase information. The online system is so automated that it's hard for an individual to go wrong. The only key thing is like mentioned earler, follow up if you don't receive a rebate check within 6-10 weeks. Usually it doesn't take that long, especially if you submit your info before the last day of the event when everyone else does!

These rebates are not a gimmick to get people to impulsively to buy things. They are run to provide people the opportunity to do projects they may not otherwise do because of financial reasons, or because they set budgets, which there is nothing wrong with.
Reply to Steve

Aug 16, 2011 
Home Depot "scams" the consumer, their employees, and contractors without hesitation. I still shop there once and awhile but the big boys can suck my bag!
Reply to DC

Aug 02, 2011 
I got a Behr prepaid mastercard and used 1/2 of the 20$ on it. The next time I went to use the balance it said declined and the cashier gives me a reason that was had nothing to do with the situation.... Home depot should stick to what it does best like exposing children to *** rights activism.....
Reply to Mark

Jul 20, 2011 
Hello dumbasses read thats right you have to read the directions. It does say to have receipt dated within purchase date specified on coupon send in upc codes and so on so forth. My belief is that when most people walk into a retail store they become illiterate and ignorant they then argue with whoever. If you have problems then i highly suggest you all go back to kindergarten and relearn how to read. Because clearly you half assed it to begin with. This rebate is no different than any other company it is YOU who are not following the very simple directions given to you.
Reply to retail prick

Jul 19, 2011 
We too have been notified by Behr that they could not honor our rebate request because of:
invalid putchase,
have not received confirmation of our sales data,
Behr puchase could not be verified by the receipt information provided.
This is going to make be think long and hard about buying Behr paint from now on.
Reply to Diane

Apr 14, 2011 
I have tried the Behr paint rebates from Home Depot at least 5 times in the last three years. I paint for others and my own house after and addition. I have never recieved a rebate from Behr. I have submitted both by mail and online with the same result. I even have tracking numbers but nowhere to track them?!!! aI like the paint but I'm not happy with Behr or Home Depot. Maybe it's time to head to Lowes for paint!
Reply to Joel Sjoerdsma in Co Springs

Mar 17, 2011  from North Shore, Auckland
I'm Tinzley with Home Depot's Customer Care team. We're here to assist with any product or service related issues. Just email us at tinzley_care@homedepot.com We can help!

Home Depot Customer Care
Atlanta, Ga
Reply to homedepot_tinzley

Mar 06, 2011 
:( This rebate *** sucks. Put all the correct numbers and they say can't verify receipt information. *** it is your folks receipt.
Reply to William

Jan 24, 2011 
why don't they just lower the price? BECAUSE think about it, if they lower the price they will have no choice but to loose the $5. If they do it by rebate how many people do you think are going to remember, or do it correctly, or for that fact mail it in in time.
Reply to sue

Aug 12, 2013  from Green Bay, Wisconsin
I totally agree with the handling of rebates. Of course Home Depot would love to have the customer misplace the receipt or attempt to apply for the rebate, however the offer has already expired! This is ***. Give the customer the rebate immediately. That customer CHOSE to walk into a Home Depot Store. They couldve gone to Fleet Farm, Menard's, or Lowes, but they chose Home Depot. This should mean something to Home Depot. I did receive my cards for the rebates due to me, however I have been to 4 stores already today and they do not accept this particular card. What a bunch of ***! All I can suggest is apply the rebate to the customer's purchase immediately. Trust me. You will have more happy - and returning customers if this is done.
Reply to Sue

Sep 18, 2010 
In response to a rebate promotion, and with advice from the Home Depot employee who served me in the paint department, I cut off and mailed in the UPC codes from CIL and Behr paint cans, a completed rebate information sheet, along with my receipt for the purchases which amounted to over $400 dollars. I have yet to receive the promised $25 rebate per can. It is over two months later at this point.
Reply to Unhappy Consumer

Aug 27, 2010 
This is Joan from Home Depot I do not give *** about your dumbass rebates you cheap ***. What do you think happens? You get enticed to buy because of a rebate thinking you could save a buck buy that Big Mac later to stuff your fat face and then I make you keep UPC's and other stuff and mail things and lick envelopes. Why? Beacuse people rarely do that and we keep the money. Are you the smart one.
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